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Precise: rerwin: 536/537 modem drivers

October 15, 2012 — BarryK
Rerwin has compiled kernel modules for the 3.2.29 kernel in Precise Puppy:

I have uploaded these to the 'common' repo. These are for people to experiment with, I don't intend to put them into the next release of Precise Puppy (417KB, 1.4MB):

They require (6KB, 7KB):
Notes for rerwin:

In '':
[ "`pwd`" = "/" ] && depmod that depmod will not execute if the PET is builtin when building a puppy in Woof.

I have fleshed out the pet.specs files:

linux_module_intel536ep-20120710-k3.2.29-smp|linux_module_intel536ep|20120710-k3.2.29-smp||BuildingBlock|1087K|||+linux_kernel&eq3.2.29,+firmware_linux_module_intel536|Intel 536 modem SMP driver|ubuntu|precise||
linux_module_intel537ep-20120710-k3.2.29-smp|linux_module_intel537ep|20120710-k3.2.29-smp||BuildingBlock|3975K|||+linux_kernel&eq3.2.29,+firmware_linux_module_intel537|Intel 537EP modem SMP driver|ubuntu|precise||

Note, I have also done this to the other modem driver PETs.

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