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Slacko: 'strings' utility

October 28, 2012 — BarryK
01micko advised me that /usr/bin/strings is missing from Slacko builds. 01micko advised that it is in the 'util-linux' package.

This is a bit weird. The 'strings' utility is not in any util-linux official sources. I looked here:
Refer also here:

The 'strings' utility is in the official 'binutils' package source, and this is what all distros (except for Slackware) use. Slackware renames it to 'strings-GNU'.

I was tempted to renamed 'strings-GNU' as 'strings', as this is the standard utility that all other distros use.

However, I went with 01micko's suggestion, and modified the template of 'util-linux' to grab /usr/bin/strings if it exists.

Woof commit:

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