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Test post

October 30, 2012 — BarryK
Test post.


Test comment
Username: BarryK
Test comment.

guess again
Username: aarf
""It occurred to me that the problem might be with my host,, some subtle change in how Perl works." too popular and influential, the censors got to you. happens every barbarian election.

Test post
Username: bkauler
"Claiming my other username.

Rooey *name claim*
Username: Rooey
"I clicked [b]Comments[/b] & got both this "Test" entry & next "Welcome to my new blog" This one had "Posted on 30 Oct 2012, 19:09 - Category: General - Comments - href="?edit=00000">Edit - Delete" underneath it. (the other had same with newer time) Clicking comments again worked properly. Congrats/thanks for 5.4 Precise, Codename: One-Click Wonderland:happy:

re.update logic issues
Username: InTheDogHouse
"Issue: save file PuppyPin entries superseded by original .sfs entries. Failed solution: change sort -u to sort -ur so newer entries with same executable will be retained and older entries will be dropped. Successful solution: change 'sort -u' to 'sort -uk3' to sort on desktop icon label. Then when user moves a built-in desktop icon to a new location, user can edit the icon label to append a space to the end of the label, and/or add a keyboard shortcut, which also ensures a space after the end of the label name in PuppyPin. That extra space plus the enhanced sort will ensure that the user changes will supersede the original .sfs entry. Issue: PuppyPin entries with x,y coordinates, elgl, 55_32 are partial matching(grep) to other non-identical entries, e.g., 55_320, causing desktop icons to be moved when not called for. Solution: change XYLOG="$ONEXY" to XYLOG="$XYLOG $ONEXY " (appended one space char), and change grep "$ONEXY" TO grep "$ONEXY " (appended one space char) for exact matching.

Tags: general