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Welcome to my new blog

October 30, 2012 — BarryK
I decided to archive the blog that I have been using for many years ...I forget how long.

This blog is now read-only:

This new blog, that you are reading now, will have my daily reports on progress with Puppy Linux and other similar technical topics.

Note, I do plan to start another blog, to be titled "Barry's Other Blog", for a wider range of non-technical, controversial, provocative, etc., posts.


new blog
Username: Bert
Bookmarked. Thanks Barry!

Username: aarf
"BK wrote:"Re asus intel It does seem to be a kernel problem. It would be interesting to see if some other distro that uses the 3.2.x kernel, such as Ubuntu Precise Pangolin, has this problem." torrent downloading ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-i386.iso now will advise. slacko Kernel 3.4.14-PAE will boot normally on my machine. previous info is at

Username: pemasu
"Need to post though nobody would like to steal my nickname, lol. Nice that blog is up and running.

Precise Puppy repo: Pidgin, 2PDE
Username: vicmz
"In the now classified blog I've read that Precise repo didn't have so much PET packages yet. How about including these? : [url=]Pidgin (dependencies [url=]here) [url=]2PDE Desktop Environment, a DE created by Argolance exclusively for Puppy Linux (supports both English and French language). Tested successfully in Precise 5.4. Download 2PDE 1.0 from [url=]here.

Re accounts not copied
Username: BarryK
"No, this blog is a fresh start. Posters have to claim their username and choose any password.

Seems like a good fit for puppy!
Username: SouthPaws
"Hey barry,... I recently came across this: then...this looks to me like a fun addition to puppy! What do you think?

Username: scsijon
"Getting broken tags in this blog from firefox. ie Posted on 31 Oct 2012, 8:20 - Category: Woof - Comments - href="?edit=00002">Edit - Delete

nightmare Cortexes
Username: aarf
"[img][/img] does this look like a nightmare to you? more info at

pangolin success
Username: aarf
"clicked open ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso extracted to usb flash drive grub booted and posted this.

Username: Ted Dog
"Back in my hay-day of IT jobs, I was the lead developer on a project that set records for largest Oracle database in daily use. Oracle never tested into the range we used. So they sent people over to check it out. It worked fine and our database server crew ego's matched their new celebrity and pay raises. Oracle gladly posted the supported range increase to what we used.

momanager speed
Username: L 18 L
"I have tried to increase speed of momanager #20121101 L18L: yesmo_xml and nomo_xml stored in files to speed up, update yesmo_xml and nomo_xml after create_mo (too simple for zigberts files?) saved me more than 30 seconds each time. Hope you like it. [url=]momanager-121101

aarnet problems
Username: scsijon
" has/is having problems and some dist's are now incomplete or worse. i've added an announcement in the puppy forum but anything special may need checking. thanks

Username: Dewbie
"[b]BarryK wrote:[/b] [i]Posters have to claim their username and choose any password.[/i] Done.

Wary not for 486 any longer?
Username: ChiJoan
"I think you mentioned that in the old Blog, but I think Distrowatch should point to at least one Puppy for these computers. I tested SolidPup/Tint2 on one, since Debian couldn't see the USB mouse via PCI card. Distrowatch did point to some of your posts from 2011, when I searched on his Website for cmov. Thanks, Joan in Reno

seeding Precise 5.4 and Retro 5.4
Username: wb7odyfred
"claiming my user name on blog2 and asking a question about seeding torrents to support precise 5.4. The question is How to tell if application transmission is connected to seed a torrent or is Orphaned? What does "Seeding to 0 of 0 connected peers - idle" mean. IE just waiting for a (peer or leach) to start downloading and is just idle at the moment. OR IS IT ORPHANED and will NEVER seed this torrent? I have 4 torrents going, BackTrack Linux RC3 and RC2 and the Precise 5.4 and the Retro Precise 5.4. Want to verify that Precise and Retro torrents are connect and ready to seed. I can see that the BackTrack torrents both seed and the ratios change, so those are working (ie seeding) when needed. What do you think? Fred

Username: Dewbie
"[b]Alphadog wrote:[/b] [i]Wary 5.4 Can I ask, Barry, (I know you are a busy man)! Has development of the new Wary stopped or just slowed right down?[/i] Although I'm not Barry, have a look over here:

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