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Blog: validation required for comments

November 08, 2012 — BarryK
I commented yesterday that I will be moving more into the "background" with Puppy development after Precise 5.4.1 and Wary 5.4 are released.

One step in that direction is that I now require email validation before users can post comments to this blog. The intention is that established Puppy developers and testers may post here, all others should post at the Puppy Forum.

As my knowledge of Perl is about zero, there is no nice form to fill in and automatic sending of an email to me, there is only this message when someone attempts to make a first comment:

You are a new user posting here, however registration via email is required. Please send an email to bkaulerATgmailDOTcom, with "[bk]" in the title, providing your requested username and password. I will only accept registration from Puppy users with some constructive history on the Puppy Forum (, so please provide me with your Puppy Forum username.

I am hoping that this will make the blog more focussed, with less "noise". It will also prevent spamming and other irrelevant posts.

My apologies to those who want to make a first-time comment. A bit of a hassle to send me an email, but at least it should be a one-off requirement.


"noise" example

Another ARM PC $57.00
Username: ChiJoan
" I thought you Debian and Puppy fans might like to know. Joan in Reno

Slipped in early
Username: drongo
"Does this also apply if I have already posted? I guess I'll soon know.

Re earlier registration
Username: BarryK
"Yes, if you posted a comment before I imposed the email registration process, then you are already "in".

email or pm
Username: BarryK
"Of course, anyone can send me a pm on the Forum to request blog registration. That will avoid the risk of your email getting lost in my spam folder.

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