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Broadcom b43 firmware update

November 05, 2012 — BarryK
Precise 5.4 testers have reported problems with Broadcom b43 wireless driver. Forum member pemasu has posted updated firmware that may fix the problem:

I have uploaded the b43 firmware PET to ibiblio (383KB):

There are many more firmware files in there than needed for Precise, as pemasu put in firmware for the 3.2 and later kernels.

This will be in the next build of Precise pup.


Username: 01micko
Ok.. but it has the same generic name as the old one so I put this in the PKGS_SPECS_TABLE variable: [code]yes|firmware_linux_module_b43|firmware_linux_module_b43-121105-k3.2plus|exe|pet:noarch[/code] Yes I am using k3.2 and above

Re same generic name
Username: BarryK
"01micko, It doesn't matter. I have left both firmware PETs in the repo, there is no clash. In the "old days" there would have been, but the new one has the dependency "+linux_kernel&ge3.2" which should make Woof choose it instead of the other one ...if Woof support/findpkgs script works as intended.

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