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Menu fix when install packages

November 09, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member 666philb, testing Precise, has reported that the menu category is not set correctly when some packages are installed. Their entries get created in the 'Utility' menu:

I think that I have found what has gone wrong. I have modified /usr/local/petget/, see Woof commit:

Precise testers are welcome to download this script and try it!


still not 100%
Username: 666philb
hi barry, it's still not fully working. i tested my two examples again and openshot (from the ppm) did install to the multimedia section, whilst deadbeef (from a standalone .deb) didn't. the deadbeef.desktop file was changed from [code]Categories=AudioVideo;Player;GTK;[/code] to [code]Categories=Player[/code]

Re Player
Username: BarryK
"666philb, Are you sure that deadbeef is not in the Multimedia menu? It should be, "Categories=Player" will cause it to be in the Multimedia menu. Refer: /etc/xdg/menus/hierarchy, and /etc/xdg/menus/

you're right
Username: 666philb
" for some reason the menu didn't update ... deadbeef is now in the multimedia menu. sorry for the panic

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