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MoManager: SSS translations fixed

November 26, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member rodin.s earlier raised questions about how sed treats the '[', ']' and '.' characters. We want those characters to be treated as-is, not as special operators in a regular expression. The solution is to escape them, that is prefix them with the '\' character.

The SSS translation scripts (see MoManager documentation) are /usr/sbin/fixdesk, fixscripts, fixmenu and lang2initrd. I have now implemented the above-described escaping in these scripts.

This means that a string such as "...success" (which is actually in /usr/local/petget/0setup) will be translated without uncertainty.
The actual pattern used by sed is found /usr/share/sss/script_strings/ (in the case of a German translation, and it looks like this:

s%...success%...erfolg%, I think erfolg is the correct de translation?

Anyway, it doesn't matter about those "..." anymore, the translation script /usr/sbin/fixscripts now automatically escapes them before using sed to do the translation.
Ditto for any [ ] characters.

Note, I also fixed a typo in /usr/share/sss/script_strings/script_strings, reported by rodin.s.

Woof commit:


Username: L 18 L
[i], I think erfolg is the correct de translation? [/i] almost it is : Erfolg :happy: Nouns have initial capitals

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