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Precise: Gimp SFS works for me

November 03, 2012 — BarryK
In the Precise 5.4 Forum bugs thread, mikeslr reported that the Gimp SFS did not work:

I run gimp and expected to be able to use the gimp-2.8.-precise.sfs. When it would not start from the menu, I attempted to start it from the terminal. That reported that it was aborted because of a dbus problem: malformed or misplaced --sorry I don't recall exactly. I don't recall experiencing that in prior versions of precise. 5.4, however, was able to run gimp-2.7.2.sfs. Not sure where I got that from.

I tested this, via the "install" icon on the Desktop, downloaded 'gimp-2.8.2-1-precise.sfs'. Rebooted, typed "gimp" in a terminal window, and it ran fine.

The only complaint about it is that it creates two entries in the menu.

Anyone else got a problem with this SFS in Precise 5.4?


Gimp 2.8
Username: FeodorF
I installed gimp as described above. After a 'Reboot computer' I got a black screen background/foreground. Menu was accessible. Did another 'Reboot Computer'. This time the screen came up right. 2.8.2-1-precise.sfs works on my PIII-933, 1MB. CPU has no PAT-flag! [img][/img] Gimp 2.8 works fine on my side too.

Username: Jan
"No problems here too!! Start pupy no save file. Download ok. via sfs mount on the fly mounted sfs . Works great.

Re: Gimp 2.8
Username: FeodorF
"I just tested a SIS board with Athlon 3000. No black screen after reboot with this one. Rem. Sorry about the oversize picture.

Username: jan
"@ Ramachandran, You don't need a link you can download using the Installer in precise puppy . One icon down of pet install = SFS packages!

Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Jan Thank you for the help. I will try the same.

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