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Precise Puppy 5.4.1beta1

November 06, 2012 — BarryK
This is beta1 of the upcoming 5.4.1 bug-fix release for Precise 5.4. It has been given version number This is for a PAE-capable CPU, non-PAE will come later.



Precise 5.4.1beta1 feedback
Username: BarryK
I have posted an announcment to page 17 of the Precise 5.4 feedback thread in the Puppy Forum:

delta precise torrent
Username: aarf
"torrent with webseeds for i am out of order for a day or two so no more feed back until then.

Updating layered-file system
Username: nickdobrinich
"Booting and running beta1 works very well. One boot change I noticed. Starting with beta1, on every boot I get: Updating... layered-file system next boot will be faster! (in pink) and there is a 2 second pause as that happens. In earlier versions, I only got the next boot will be faster! msg when adding/deleting an SFS addon.

Dell from Hell B43= good
Username: cthisbear
" Dell Studio XPS Wireless works...yippee!!!! Broadcom B43 Notice comes up to add the module, OK! happens in some Pups with this hardware. "wl mod added " Posting from Dell now> Copy and pasting...good...easy to see. Chris

Acer E
Username: cthisbear
" Acer Netbook >>eMachines eM350-21G16i Installed Frisbee first...from USB... before testing. Wireless good...hint.... A Frisbee Pet under Network...4 Final. Thanks...Chris.

Re Frisbee
Username: BarryK
"cthisbear, No I won't put Frisbee into the final. It makes too many changes. It's a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Rerwin mentioned that he is investigating how Frisbee can be installed without changing other things. If I recall rightly, one example is dhcpcd hooks. There are things like that that can be specified at runtime on the 'dhcpcd' commandline, not made as permanent system changes. I presume that is the sort of thing rerwin is looking into.

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