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Precise: Service Pack for 5.4.1

November 25, 2012 — BarryK

There have been further refinements, here are the Release Notes:

PPM: when installed some packages, reported no menu entry. Fixed.
Got dvdauthor 0.7 pet pkg from wary. dvdauthor ubuntu deb is broken.
Iconfinder has a problem if samba shares mounted, searches shares for icons. Got iconfinder 1.2 from here:
Weird problem with text and image display going wrong when install some packages, see: ...have applied a fix (hopefully) in /usr/local/petget/
Precise 5.4.1 has BaCon 1.0.26, has bugs, updated to 1.0.27.
'cmptree' utility. refer:
PPM problems when downloading multiple packages, now checks beforehand that all packages are available in the repository. See /usr/local/petget/
XDG .desktop Categories=X-<category>[-<subcategory>] now properly supported, see file /etc/xdg/menus/hierarchy.
PPM: Configure window: Update local package databases: now very fast, see files /usr/local/petget/0setup and debdb2pupdb.
Geany text editor was lacking color-highlighting for BaCon code, fixed, see /usr/share/geany/filetype_extensions.conf and filetypes.freebasic
Script /usr/local/petget/0setup (called by PPM) now internationalised, refer /usr/share/sss/script_strings/script_strings.
For SSS translations, ensure all [ ] chars in regex are escaped. see /usr/sbin/fixdesk, fixmenus.
Text changed to squares, missing icons, another fix, when saved to ntfs partition.
PPM: at startup, checks to see if a Service Pack is available online, to upgrade Puppy.

Get it from here (1.1MB):

I should announce this on the Precise Puppy Forum thread also, get some feedback.
If it looks sane, probably I should upgrade the .iso live CD also to, considering that some of the bug fixes are important.

A technical detail about /etc/DISTRO_SPECS, when I built the Service Pack for Precise Puppy. The Service Pack has updated this file, note in particular the new 'DISTRO_ARCHDIR' variable (see latest Woof). variable 'DISTRO_VERSION' is updated, however I rolled DISTRO_IDSTRING back to the original value, as mavrothal brought to my attention a possible complication if that variable is upgraded.


SP announced Forum
Username: BarryK
I have announced the Service Pack in the Forum:

plsp precise/
Username: FeodorF
"Please update: rem: It would be good to have the -PLSP- precise- next to it`s ISO file. Regards Feodor

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