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Service Pack auto check

November 25, 2012 — BarryK
This is getting a bit more Windows-like. When the PPM is started, /usr/local/petget/ is run as a separate process, and if there is an Internet connection, tests for availability of a Service Pack.

The current version is obtained from variable DISTRO_VERSION in file /etc/DISTRO_SPECS, and checked against the online Service Packs, that reside in the PET home directory, in that case of Precise Puppy that will be 'pet_packages-precise'.

The Service Pack PET must be named according to this format:


Where the square brackets mean optional extra text. Acceptable examples: is able to extract the version information from the PET names.

The reason that this feature is probably a Good Thing, is that users won't have to monitor my blog or Forum to learn about Service Packs, they will be automatically informed when one is available, whenever the PPM is started.

This is a generic mechanism, it applies to all latest Woof-built pups, Upups, Dpups, Slackware pups, Mageia pups.

Woof commit:


Service Pack
Username: BarryK
Sorry, there was a typo in, Woof commit:

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