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Shutdown/reboot bug fixes

November 04, 2012 — BarryK
Precise Puppy 5.4 testers have reported problems when the session is saved to the entire partition. Specifically, they were testing on USB and SD-card boot media, with Linux filesystem and session saved to the entire partition.

I have identified a few bugs in /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown, that caused shutdown and reboot problems.

I have not tested from an SD-card, only USB, and it now works. Actually, on my laptop the SD interface appears as a USB interface, not a native MMC interface, so an SD card would work just the same as my USB pen drive.

Woof commits:



Username: vicmz
"Hello Paganini There's no need to have PGPRS terminal window open anymore, you can close it and disconnect from the network icon on the right of the taskbar, right-click it and select "Disconnect from network". You will notice that your connection remains even after restarting X. I think this is very practical. But be aware that this feature is in Precise Puppy only. Well, maybe in beta versions of Wary and Racy, too.

getwoof update (script)
Username: 01micko
"Hmmmmm.... This is the first time I have ever tried this.. The other day when I downloaded woof2, for the first time I used "getwoof". So now, I just tried to do "getwoof update". It seemed to work but only grabbed the f92926df2b commit. I probably already had that. [code]updated-to: f92926df2b13b10a37916ffeeb8810e0deb2b184 2012-11-03 00:13:47 UTC tags: trunk comment: fixes for new variable DISTRO_DB_SUBNAME (user: BarryK)[/code] This is obviously after you committed 72d6b63166 and af924854e7 (from the timeline). Any ideas? I'll try a manual update and see if it's your script or a fossil/hosting issue. ------------------------ A few minute later... Ok, did "fossil update" from my former woof tree and it worked correctly.. [code](first part snipped) updated-to: af924854e7970828744295192efe8f5b0ef47037 2012-11-04 14:57:31 UTC tags: trunk comment: rc.shutdown: proper saving and shutdown when session saved to entire partition (user: BarryK) fossil: WARNING: 3 unmanaged files were overwritten "fossil undo" is available to undo changes to the working checkout.[/code] Script problem?

Tags: woof