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Translation for '0setup'

November 16, 2012 — BarryK
The '0setup' script is in Woof, but is copied into Puppy when it is built, at /usr/local/petget.
The script downloads a compatible-distros package DB files and converts them to Puppy standard format.

'0setup' gets called from the PPM when a user wants to update the package database. Thus, the user-interface will need international translations.
I have not used the gettext method, instead it is the "SSS" method, which is documented with MoManager documentation.

The strings from 0setup that need to be translated are now in /usr/share/sss/script_strings/script_strings, which can be done via the MoManager or the file can be edited directly.

Note, 'script_strings' is already in existing pups such as Slacko, Wary and Precise. The latest Woof commit adds extra strings to it.

Woof commit:


re: '0setup'
Username: L 18 L
The extra string is just: [code] [_usr_local_petget_0setup] [/code] Right?

Re 0setup
Username: BarryK
"L18L, I don't understand the question. The modified sss file is /usr/share/sss/script_strings/script_strings, downloadable from the Woof repo. You also need to download 0setup, to /usr/local/petget.

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