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Woof tweaks

November 05, 2012 — BarryK
Here is the latest Woof. I am taking a break for the rest of today, will get back to it this evening.



aufs3 ilo aufs2 for 3. kernels
Username: scsijon
Is there an update somewhere, in ?maybe 1choosepackages to change over from aufs2-util to aufs3-util. I can't find it possibly listed anywhere else. I've freshly downloaded woof2, and am using a 3.3.8 kernel, but it's not including any aufs3-util in the build, even when I manually put it in the packages file and the package in the pet directory?

Re aufs3-util
Username: BarryK
"All recent pups use aufs3-util, without any problem. The pkg list entry: yes|aufs3-util||exe

Re aufs3-util
Username: BarryK
"The PET is in the 'common' repo.

Tags: woof