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Fatdog64 610 Final

December 01, 2012 — BarryK
Fatdog is a "puplet" compiled from scratch to run on a x86 64-bit CPU. The main developer is kirk, with major assistance from jamesbond.

Kirk forked from Woof sometime ago, so you will find that many features of latest Precise Puppy, pemasu's Upup, scsijon's Mageia, and 01micko's upcoming Slacko 5.4, such as the internationalization infrastructure, are not in Fatdog64, however many other innovations have been applied -- some very interesting things, that are on my to-do list to investigate for consideration to import to Woof.

From the start, Fatdog64 runs the web browser and other Internet apps as user 'spot', which will make those people happy who don't like running as 'root' -- but, you will still be running as root, it is just the apps that run as spot, but that does give you the full protection when accessing the Internet.

Read more here:

Fatdog64 has it's own web page:


Username: kirk
Thanks for the kind words Barry. Though one correction, James and I are co-developers. Actually James is responsible for the current structure/init scripts. So maybe James is the main developer.

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