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Merry Christmas and New Year

December 24, 2012 — BarryK
Some cultures don't celebrate Christmas, but they do the New Year. Well, whatever your thing is, best wishes!


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Username: Sage
"Some cultures..." On the other hand, by careful selection of friends, colleagues, wives one can celebrate Ede, Diwali then Christmas as well as three New Years. Maybe there are others? Maybe I should widen my circle further? As for the Mayans, no! they did NOT predict the end of the world last Friday. All that happened is that they didn't write their calendar beyond last Friday. The obvious assumption is that they would either reboot the old one or write a new one. Doesn't make such alarming newsprint, though.

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A season of Neigborly Thankfulness ot all of our Brethrens.
Username: GCMartin
"May "Peace be with you...everyone." And may we find ways to make the lives of those around us happy in such a way that they recognize their responsibility to do the same for others around them. Here to help

new year
Username: charlie6
" *@*$*~* Happy New Year ! Bonne Année 2012! Gelukkige Nieuwjaar 2012! Herzliches Glückwünsch zum Neujahr 2012 ! *@*$*~* Thanks Barry! and to the whole Puppy Community!

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