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PPM: missing icon, faster SP window

December 06, 2012 — BarryK
I am still finding little things wrong or that need tweaking in the PPM.

I downloaded the 'mc' DEB to my local drive, then clicked on it to install it. It installed, an entry was in the menu, in correct 'Filesystem' category, however there was no icon.

This is because the filename in the "Icon=" entry in 'mc.desktop' was missing the ".xpm" extension.
Now, I know that the XDG standard states that the extension is not required, however Puppy uses an older version of the 'gnome-menus' package, version 2.14.3, and the extension is required.

Note, the older version is used as later versions are broken. I documented this on my blog.
I just did a quick search, can't find where I posted about that. The problem was that later gnome-menus do not read the XDG XML definitions properly (as the standard defines) in /etc/xdg/menus. I have never reported this to the developers.

I fixed the problem, in script /usr/local/petget/

I have modified /usr/local/petget/ to startup faster, and not be forced to display in the centre of the screen (where PPM main window is likely to hide it).

Woof commit:

I will accumulate a few more fixes, before creating the next Service Pack for Precise.


Precise-puppy category

Re Empty precise-puppy
Username: BarryK
"Oh. The file 'Packages-puppy-precise-official' at was zero bytes. This is a problem with the hard drive at being full. I re-uploaded the file, this time it did upload.

Puppy-Precise More
Username: Terryphi
"There is further scope for confusion. PPM shows Desktop category by default and there are currently no Puppy-precise-official packages in this category so it is easy to assume that something is wrong with PPM. Click to other categories and the available packages appear. It might be a good idea to stick something (anything!) in the Desktop category.

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