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Precise: SP coming soon

December 11, 2012 — BarryK
We keep finding more bugs, and I will be releasing another Service Pack for Precise Puppy 5.4.2 very soon, probably tomorrow. This will bump to version

I will also upload latest Woof.

Actually, there is just one little thing that I am waiting on some feedback for, then will build the Service Pack.


couple of fix suggestions
Username: pemasu
pdvdrsab has some bugs. Thunor located the fixed pdvdrsab script: [code][/code] Read linked post and couple posts more. There is also link to the fixed pdvdrsab script: [code][/code] Another annoying bug. The script from the package by you from rerwin`s initial not removed during 3builddistro stage when the packages are processed to the rootfs-complete. You can see the in the root of the directories. I have manually removed it....when I remember.

sorry, meant to use url tags
Username: pemasu
"Sorry about confusing post above. Here are the links:

Re Pdvdrsab
Username: BarryK

Username: BarryK
"OK, fixed that.

Username: BarryK
"Correction, name is

Username: pemasu
"This is nice. And you can drag the clock to the Pinboard.

ffconvert bug fix
Username: don570
" There is a simple fix to ffconvert 1.3 This corrects the problem opening files with spaces in name.

SP arrived
Username: BarryK
"Uploaded. Run the PPM, it should grab it.

Re pmusic
Username: BarryK
"bark_bark_bark, No, I am only doing bug fixes to Precise 5.4. You need to communicate with pemasu, who is coordinating a later/enhanced Upup/Precise.

Re Ffconvert
Username: BarryK
"don570, I am reluctant to patch the ffconvert PET, as it is shinobar's baby. Probably it would be best to contact him and get the PET upgraded.

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