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Precise: fusermount missing

December 09, 2012 — BarryK
The 'fusermount' utility is missing from Precise Puppy 5.4.2 (and all prior).

I discovered this when using the "portable Sylpheed" PET package, which is introduced here:

It's a great package, I use it to download from and store my emails locally, and securely.

I found however, that after exiting from Sylpheed, the cryptofs filesystems did not unmount, requiring a reboot to do so. I discovered that the 'fusermount' utility is missing.

This utility is part of the 'fuse' package. Unfortunately, as per usual Debian/Ubuntu games they keep playing with package naming, they have changed the name from 'fuse-utils' to 'fuse'. The former is still in the Precise repository, however it is what is known as a "transition" package and is empty.

I have fixed the Precise package-list in Woof, and 'usermount' will be in the next Service Pack.

Tags: puppy