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Precise: Service Pack

December 17, 2012 — BarryK
This will upgrade Precise 5.4.2 to, fixing various bugs. Summary:

Variable DISTRO_ARCHDIR in file /etc/DISTRO_SPECS fixed, now 'i386-linux-gnu'.

DEB pkg 'libp11-kit-dev' was missing, needed for compiling apps with gnutls dep.
DEB pkg 'libx264-dev' was missing, needed for compiling apps that need x264.
Utility 'fusermount' was missing.
Some entries in Filesystem menu were missing.
Added utilities 'col' 'align' 'width' 'whereis'.
Try fix ROX-Filer crashing at startup.
Pdvdrsab fixed.
wpa patch for kernel module rt2800pci (wireless) (k3.2.29).
'nouveau' kernel module was blacklisted, shouldn't have been.
DISTRO_VERSION gets reset after installed Service Pack, temp workaround.
Added kernel module dvb-usb-rtl2832u (for k3.2.29).
Still getting reports multiarch symlinks changed to dir, fixed.

This should be automatically offered when you run the PPM.

Alternatively, you can download it directly (526K):


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"PPM now correctly offers latest Service Pack. However, DISTRO_SPECS still reverts to 5.4.2 on reboot. I have noted that latest fix is only a temporary workaround. I really like the Service Pack concept and hope that it can be developed further for LTS versions of Puppy.

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