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Quirky6: 3.6.11 "framebuffer" kernel

December 29, 2012 — BarryK
I have compiled the 3.6.11 kernel especially for Quirky6. These are the main features:

1. Expert mode.
2. All filesystem drivers (ext2, ext3, ext4, vfat, ntfs, etc.) now modules, not builtin (except for iso9660, but udf is a module).
3. DRM (DRI, KMS) support disabled, instead all video drivers are framebuffer. Enabled uvesafb and intelfb. Note, Expert-mode rerquired to turn on intelfb.
4. Framebuffer drivers all modules, except vesafb is builtin. Note, no boot commandline specified (previous kernels have "video=640x480").
5. No PAE support, so supports 4GB max. RAM.
6. i686 (Pentium Pro) CPU, or later.
7. MTD devices support disabled.

Compiled in Quirky6, 28 Dec. 2012.

As f.s. drivers not builtin, latest Woof, commit-20121229, is required, which builds a pup with these modules in the initrd, and the 'init' script (in initrd) loads them. This kernel will not work with a normal "full" hard-drive installation, an initrd is required.
This is setting the scene for a planned new security feature.

The source is here:

The PET (17.6MB):

I might also compile another one with the filesystem drivers builtin, as per normal.

Note, I been building experimental Quirky6 pups, console only so far.


Woof: building Quirky6
Username: BarryK
Recent Woof commits: some improvements for building quirky6 added /etc/fb.modes in woof. used by fbset preliminary changes to build Quirky6, with framebuffer-only kernel and X

f.s. builtin now modules
Username: BarryK
"These are the drivers that I changed from builtin to modules: [i]ext2 ext3 ext4 reiserfs udf msdos vfat ntfs romfs[/i]

framebuffer, MoManager
Username: rodin.s
"I was experimenting with framebuffer some time ago in Puppy. It was possible to run browser Links in graphic mode, watch movies in mplayer and watch youtube videos with help of Youtube Viewer (console part of GTK Youtube Viewer). I tried to compile Netsurf with framebuffer support but it was too hard for me. I also want to report about bug in MoManager. When I have two files with the same name (like "func") and with the same TEXTDOMAIN, one of this files is overwritten and not included in mo-file. And I have also updated [url=]Russian langpack. Added translations for some apps from Slacko-5.4.

fs drivers builtin
Username: BarryK
"Same thing, but configured in the "normal" way with filesystem drivers builtin (17.4MB): Also, v86d PET, needed by uvesafb (42KB): ...not compiled statically. Does not need libx86.

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