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Quirky6 planned

December 23, 2012 — BarryK
I have decided to have some fun, and build another Quirky!

I have recently become a bit jaded with the mainline Woof and Puppy builds. Time for a change...

Actually, it was looking at what goingnuts is doing that triggered this. I have qiven this new project the codename "Quirky6", meaning Quirky version 6. It is likely to have these features:

1. Everything in a single 'vmlinuz' file (that is, all of Quirky builtin to the kernel, and will run in RAM).
2. Aiming for 50MB total size.
3. Kdrive xfbdev X driver only.
4. GTK 1.2 and 2.20.1.

The core packages are been compiled in T2, and I have just completed a first compile run-through.

Next, I will created a new build-category in Woof, called "t2".

I intend to put in some of the old GTK 1.2 infrastructure from puppy 1.0.8r1.

Anyway, I'm having fun!


Quirky 6

Username: Iguleder
"Sounds nice, except the X server: 1) Xfbdev is unaccelerated AFAIK - what about ARM, gaming and WebGL? 2) I think Wayland is exactly what Puppy needs - if you take a look at package size (e.g run ncdu on sandbox2), X is simply huge - maybe even the biggest component of Puppy. Wayland should be smaller than X, but relies on Mesa - I think it's worth trying.

wayland status
Username: scsijon
" It's interesting!

Xfbdev failure
Username: BarryK
"No joy with the X Xfbdev driver on my laptop. Loading the kernel module 'uvesafb.ko', X tries to start then get a segmentation fault. It looks like this entire framebuffer thing is not getting much attention from developers these days. There is an 'intelfb.ko', but not for my laptop, it looks like for older hardware only. I also tried the 'vesafb' kernel driver, no joy either, Xfbdev crashes. OK, I could dust off my old laptop, but that would not be satisfactory for me. I am only interested in the framebuffer drivers if they will work on recent x86 computers.

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