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Slacko Puppy 5.4 final

December 02, 2012 — BarryK
It's out! Slacko is one of our flagship puppies, built with the latest Woof from Slackware 14.0 binary packages. It is all-puppy right through, with the advantage of binary compatibility with Slackware 14.0 and access to the Slackware package repositories.

Official release announcement:

Detailed Release Notes:

We normally use to host our Puppy files, however their hard drives have become full. As a stop-gap measure, we are using these private sites:

There is also a "home page" for Slacko 5.4:

To provide feedback, or to read about other people's experiences and possibly also bug-fixes, there is a new Forum thread:

There is also another developers Forum thread:


slacko torrents
Username: aarf
torrent for slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso md5sum=a4b3e0d6a742effcda03350cdc8fa8eb at (cant see that the current one at murga forum will work, it starts but only does a meg or two) torrent for devx_slacko_5.4.sfs at torrent for slacko-5.4-opera-4g.iso at pet and info for mktorrent at so other people can make torrents for their downloads, works in slacko. example code: mktorrent -a udp://,udp://,,, -c "Puppy Linux Slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso" -w,,, -o slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso.torrent slacko-5.4-opera-PAE.iso (all one line, into a terminal after installing mktorrent pet)

Username: mavrothal
"[i]I wonder if ladislav and co know about ?[/i] Probably not. Precise 5.4 from is the last Puppy they have.

Re distrowatch
Username: BarryK
"I have sent an email to Ladislav.

Seeding RetroPrecise-5.4.2.iso
Username: WB7ODYFred
"Hello AARF I followed your example at to create a torrent for RetroPrecise-5.4.2.iso file. Here Scroll down to WB7ODYFred entry. 3 Questions Howto search for a retroprecise-5.4.2.iso torrent and then add to my running copy of "Transmission" torrent program. Maybe one torrent is already available that I could assist by seeding it, instead of creating my own new torrent, and placing that torrent file at datavault or for downloading. 2nd after downloading a torrent, is there a program to "unzip ??" this torrent file into its components in human readable form to cut and paste to modify? 3rd) How to test that torrent connections are all working. I get errors like "Could not connect to tracker", "unregistered torrent", "requested download is not authorized" I have made available/seeding a retroprecise-5.4.2.iso torrent but no downloads have occurred. Is that because no one has chosen to download my torrent, or is it because my torrent is broken. How to test this? Please add/edit these answers to your existing Web Seeds page above. Thank you for posting that simple example. It helped me, Fred.

Slacko coordinator
Username: BarryK
"I would like to draw the attention to anyone who doesn't know, that the Chief Coordinator of Slacko Puppy 5.4 is Mick Amadio, known as 01micko on the Forum. A couple of posts are giving me all the credit, such as this: Slacko 5.4 was of course a team effort, with 01micko the main guy getting it together. I was the "main guy" at the Woof-level. But, both of us are just the final step, in many cases just implementing fixes and improvements that others have created. Mick has put together some acknowledgements in the Slacko announcement page:

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