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Softmaker FreeOffice

December 14, 2012 — BarryK
Read about it, and download via here:

I am in contact with someone at Softmaker, and there is the possibility of compiling FreeOffice optimised for Puppy, and including it in an official release of Puppy.

So, I welcome feedback from users of FreeOffice!

There is a thread on the Forum (started by jrb) where you can post:


softmaker arm?
Username: technosaurus
I've been thinking about buying the android version (still have no clue how to root my "Klu"), so I am assuming the core functionality works on arm, but I am wondering if there will be an arm version for Puppy? It appears they use Qt and have shifted to Qt4 in the latest versions (just a poorly educated guess) ... are they talking about letting you build it via non-disclosure or will they be asking for the devx.sfs? On as similar note I would be interested in helping build a Flash Lite Player for puppy if it could be arranged... and netflix for linux while we are dreaming

Replacing Abiword with a stable Office Suite
Username: GCMartin
"[url=][b]Another member has asked the community of there opinion on Office Suites. [u]Its here.[/u][/b] 2/3s say Libre 1/6 say Softoffice of the small sample group who replied. Are we approaching a time where we should review what would be an acceptable "cross-platform" solution that could/would be including in a base PUP? Can the community help here?

Username: Iguleder
"Barry, there are syntax errors in the valide [code]if [ "`grep 'application/x\-vide:' ./usr/share/mime/globs`" = "" ]then echo 'application/x-vide:*.vide' >> ./usr/share/mime/globs fi if [ "`grep 'application/x\-vide:' ./usr/share/mime/subclasses`" = "" ]then echo 'application/x-vide application/xml' >> ./usr/share/mime/subclasses fi touch ./usr/share/mime/types if [ "`grep 'application/x\-vide:' ./usr/share/mime/types`" = "" ]then echo 'application/x-vide' >> ./usr/share/mime/types fi [/code] The "then" should be moved to the line below or a ";" should be added before it.

Precise Puppy rt2800pci module needs patch
Username: pemasu
"3.2.X kernels rt2800pci wireless driver has bug with wpa/wpa2 connections:

FreeOffice and Qt
Username: BarryK
"No, they don't use Qt. At least, a few years ago, when I asked them about it, they replied that they use their own widget library.

Re FreeOffice and Qt
Username: pemasu
"Nothing smells like Qt when I opened the deb and extracted stuff out. Got 23 Mb pet. Dependencies check does not show any Qt libs. Got 23 Mb pet. Jrb has created 9 Mb Textmaker only pet so far....

nouveau kernel module blaclisted in Precise Puppy
Username: pemasu
"Just question because of my ignorance. I noticed that nouveau kernel module has been blacklisted in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG in Precise Puppy I suppose it has some reason to be blacklisted, but since Precise Pangolin does not have nv xorg driver at all, what is the reason of default blacklisting of nouveau kernel module in MODULESCONFIG file ? Does the nvidia kernel module handle nouveau xorg driver ? Yeah, that is my state of understanding nvidia drivers, since I have intel and radeon graphics in all my comps.

Re nouveau
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, Yikes! why is that in the SKIPLIST?!!! That would be a left-over from when nouveau was not very usable. Hmmm, what adverse effect is it having now, when we do want to use nouveau? I have removed it.

Re valide
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, Thanks, I fixed the

Re rt2800pci
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, Thanks, have upgraded the kernel PET, will upload soon.

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