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December 09, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member vicmz has composed PETs with collections of GTK themes and wallpapers. His PETs are linked-to on this Forum page:

Very nice, I have uploaded these to the 'noarch' repository on, so all pups can access them via the PPM:
...pending, having trouble uploading to ibiblio


Themes PETs
Username: BarryK
Wallpapers (6.9MB): GTK themes (1.3MB): Note, I found that file 'Packages-puppy-precise-official' is zero bytes again. I had re-uploaded it recently, and gftp showed success. Obviously though, there is trouble when on the boundary of a full drive. I have re-uploaded, hope it sticks this time.

Missing geany pet
Username: pemasu
" from Packages-puppy-wary5-official seems to be missing. Noticed when I downloaded the pets using latest woof. Ibiblio upload problem again ? Is this finding relevant and does it need some response ?

Uploading problems
Username: ChiJoan
"More of the Linux Live DVDs should be in zipped format, at least until Distrowatch or other money revues are awarded to them. Other Distro makers tell their users to use other mirrors because of the problems you are having. Good luck, I look forward to testing your new releases. Joan in Reno

Re missing geany
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, I probably just forgot to upload it. Trying now... can't. ftp to not working. I will look at this again tomorrow. My Vodafone prepaid mobile broadband has run out, fallen back to Optus prepaid mobile broadband -- which is hopeless in my area, unusable sometimes. I'll get back onto Vodafone tomorrow.

Re missing geany
Username: BarryK
"OK, uploaded (796KB):

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