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Wary: rolling back SeaMonkey

December 02, 2012 — BarryK
I built the previous beta of Wary with SeaMonkey 2.12.1, but unfortunately was unable to compile it in Wary and had to use the official binary, as reported here:

However, Forum member Jades reported a problem:

Quoting Jades:
Attempted to run SeaMonkey from task window and got an 'Illegal Instruction' error. K6-2 series is classed as i586 due to lack of CMOV instruction.

A side note: I find the continual evolution of the Gnu C++ compiler to be very annoying, as it breaks old code. They don't retain backwards compatibility, and this practice of breaking old code has been going on for many years. Unlike C, the definition of which is "cast in stone".

Anyway, if Wary is to retain SeaMonkey, then unless we figure out a way to compile it for 'i486-pc-linux-gnu', then I will have to use an older version. Um, not sure, I think that Wary 5.3 has SeaMonkey 2.6.1, as described here:

Note, probably it would be possible to install a later C++ in Wary just for the purpose of compiling SM, and maybe retain the later* if needed. If anyone is interested in trying that, go for it!

But for now, I am very fond of the old SeaMonkey 1.1.18, and I think that I will do the next beta with this, along with a heap of extensions (user agent switcher, adblock, downloadhelper, flashblock, etc.).
Of course, this old SM is not aware of HTML5, but that is not serious problem for now. It will of course have security weaknesses, but then so does 2.6.1, and perhaps an older version that no-one else is using is less likely to be targeted (?).


Username: james c
Pulled my old K6-2 off the shelf, booted Wary 5.3.90 and got the same "illegal instruction" error. Have Wary 5.22 installed(frugal)with SeaMonkey 2.3.1..... no problems.

Username: Dewbie
"Java leads: ...and now SeaMonkey follows. :cry:

SeaMonkey 1.1.18
Username: Dewbie
"Just edited .sfs for Wary 5.2.2...stripped out SM 2.3.2, replaced with 1.1.18 (from Wary Works great, and .iso is about 8MB smaller. :cool:

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