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DEB post-install script.

January 12, 2013 — BarryK
When Puppy installs a DEB package, if it contains a post-install script it is not executed. Users have found that this breaks some Python DEBs.

pemasu described the problem, and solution, here:

The solution is from rcrsn51's '' package:

I have implemented the fix in /usr/local/petget/, see Woof commit:


deb postinst fix works
Username: pemasu
Tested now and it works. Nicotine still has problem, because it does not place all files to the locations where python searches them. It did not find one module, but that is not the problem. It seems that python apps scatters the files to so many locations that I wonder how anyone can understand it. I fixed it with copying and symlinking nicotine files in so many python locations that at last something went right. Not very interested of that kind installations. But works now great. It might help other apps also. Thank you very much !!!

Extract-debian 1.5
Username: don570
" I've just improved Extract-debian so it is equivalent to my version of Extract-pet and it is localised using Zigbert method, but I haven't examined post-install scripts yet.

report-video GUI
Username: don570
" I made a GUI and localised the report-video script using Zigbert's method

i18n sorry too
Username: L 18 L
"Sorry for the off-topic, too The idea of making [b]one TEXTDOMAIN[/b] for [b]many scripts[/b] is not bad since momanager can be used. But I really do not know why making different pets for different official puppies and even versions should be a way to go! In my understanding a (and my German one and only) [b]language pack is for all woof2 (after 20120228) built[/b] puppies.

re: different pets for woof2 puppies
Username: vicmz
"Actually I thought that too, but when I saw there were separate pets I thought I'd break something if I merged them. Well, as they're meant to be Woof scripts and both Slacko and Precise are made from the latest Woof I finally did merge them into one pet, setting separate text domains just because I feel I can organise translations better that way. I haven't tested in Puppies other than Precise yet (the idea is that it works in all official Puppy builds), but if you want to give it a go, here it is:

JWM-653, i18n
Username: 01micko
"Hi JWM is up to revision [b]653[/b], (not a typo!). Joe has been VERY busy on JWM this holiday period. Lots of bugs are fixed, some features are added. As a consequence some things have changed breaking some stuff in jwmconfig2. I was going to do a full rewrite but since a lot of i18n work has been put into this I have had to rethink. I will add support for new stuff but keep backward compat with old stuff if possible. Checks can be done with [i]jwm -p[/i] to parse any configuration, and if it fails for any reason revert to the last config. Also, Joe has fully i18n'd JWM and would probably appreciate translations before he makes his next stable release.

Report-Video gettexted by rodin.s
Username: vicmz

Re report-video
Username: BarryK
"vicmz, Thanks for the info. That report-video is in TaZoc's PET, isn't it? So he would have to update his PET. There is another script, /usr/sbin/report-video, in Woof (that TaZoc's script will overwrite if his PET installed): Note, Precise Puppy 5.4.x does not have TaZoc's script, so has the Woof script (which is not yet internationalised).

re JWM-653, i18n
Username: L 18 L
"01micko wrote: [i]Also, Joe has fully i18n'd JWM and would probably appreciate translations before he makes his next stable release.[/i] Sorry, [url=]19 spacves bug still exists

jwm 653
Username: aarf
"in pemasus precise. can click in the java box now, but cant shutdown/reboot/exit to prompt.

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