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Ubuntu Phone OS at CES

January 08, 2013 — BarryK
I introduced "Ubuntu for phones" a couple of days ago:

Now there is a lot more exposure at the CES exhibition/conference, with M. Shuttleworth himself at the Ubuntu booth demonstrating it.

Here are some recent videos taken at the CES:

This is an interview with Richard Collins, Ubuntu Mobile Product Manager:


Username: GCMartin
Like you, Barry, I have been keenly interested in this area of development. The industry is struggling with several major of them is the OS flavor and customer choice. Here's one insider understanding among the 2 foices at play: The Telco has an interest SOLELY in drivers for cell customers! The OS (xPhones & xTablets) have an interest solely in getting the OS in the hands of more and more users. Thus we see much of areas of growth which is aimed squarely at the future of mankind. Hard to believe that there is a plan: But there is. Ubuntu will struggle until it gets a Telco who will agree to market. (All 4G is not 4G or the same in the world). Hope this is helpful

New xPhones
Username: GCMartin
"2013 seemingly is targeting China as the starting point for newest product releases. This may be a trend. [url= ][b]Here's an article of note for newest xPhones and the markets.[/b] Be aware that Apple has already announce a upcoming product to also start in China.

New xPhones
Username: GCMartin
"Opps! Forgot to mention Huawei also is in the group announcing availability in China. Brings the list to 6 manufacturers for initial releases in or via China who have cell ties with the Telco(s) in China. The industry numbers for cell users was again revamped this past weekend, with an order of magnitude higher expectations of users by year-end 2013. This is because of Businesses in the world becoming an even bigger driver of touch-screen UI than was anticipated in the fall. Lastly, in looking at the Ubuntu announcement of a touch UI, Linux vendors are paying attention to this as a driver of products as well. The world in off and running with "Touch".

Another video
Username: BarryK
"Yet another video, showing Ubuntu-for-phones image-taking capability:

Yet another xPhone impressive feature
Username: GCMartin
"[b]Questions[/b] By a show of hands, "How many have dropped or know of someone who dropped their cell phone into water/puddle?" By a show of hands, "How many know what happened as a result?" Yeah, same hands when up. [url=]This may be a niche, but it could be the wave of all cell phones.

Trending ...
Username: GCMartin
"[url=]Could this be a trend ... See the [u]next to last[/u] paragraph If so, it explains what is happening with Ubuntu cell, Microsoft SkyPE, GoogleVoice, a UK change and a Canadian step. This could get very interesting as the attention has moved away from PCs to what's in your hand, right now.

ubuntu, galaxy nexus
Username: 01micko
"[url=]Ubuntu coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next month Bummer! When I got my samsung about 7 months ago it was a toss up between the galaxy W and galaxy nexus, I went the wrong way!

Username: aarf
"if this is it, i have lots of allergies, perhaps the most avoidable one is losing lots of money quickly. so $799 down to $248.99 within a hour of ownership would be highly allergy inducing. will wait for the Chinese clone, nah stuff it am getting by ok with my asus 10" netbook and 3g cheap sony-ericson. not to mention my android ICS tablet that i now refuse to uses on principle premise. pissing on the GNU General Public License has that effect.

$299 is getting there. but still needs a shave or two
Username: aarf
"@micko maybe they were to slipped you a used one when you werent looking. or a bait and switch to this one:[img][/img]

Additional xPhone Announcements
Username: GCMartin
"[url=]This is another of the significant announcements in a market that is getting increasingly interesting and diverse. NokiaPhone iPhone, Android, WindowsPhone, UbuntuPhone, MozillaPhone ... the march continues.

xPhones I would kill for
Username: GCMartin
"[url=]A real keyboard (with raised buttons) pops-up into phone screen [url=]A phone with a front and back display screen simultaneously active Great innovation

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