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A Woof "plateau"

February 07, 2013 — BarryK
To let 01micko, pemasu and other guys know, who are building pups with Woof, I want to get Woof to a "plateau" over the next few days, and then only do essential bug fixes for sometime.

This will give breathing space to work on getting a puplet developed to release standard, without having to cope with the continually shifting goal-posts of an evolving Woof.

I am still only at page-16 of the Precise 5.4.3 Forum feedback thread, but I will now get onto reading that. One thing is rerwin's work, that I hope to incorporate -- I think that is posted later in that thread.

Anyway, I will announce when the plateau is reached!


Precise page 16
Username: BarryK
The page 16 that I am referring to: In my reading of this thread so far, I have posted responses that appear on pages 20 and 21.

Now at page 17
Username: BarryK
"I have reached the top of page 17: That's enough for tonight.

Woof versioning
Username: GCMartin
"BarryK, [b]Questions[/b] Does reaching a plateau mean stabilizing WOOF at WOOF2? Thus, after stabilizing, all follow-on work will be WOOF3. Or, did you mean something else?

Re a Woof plateau
Username: BarryK
"It only means what I posted in the first post above.

Now at page 21
Username: BarryK
"Page 21: Have just now read down that page to rerwin's post. But, taking some time off (for a bush-walk), will get back onto it this afternoon. Note, where I am currently living is on the edge of Perth, and a short drive up the road is a national park. There is a lovely track, I go for a walk along it most days.

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