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Elementary not so elementary

February 01, 2013 — BarryK
Ha ha, I couldn't resist it, I posted a comment here:

But next day, Mr Hoogland has removed it.

I wrote a little program in BaCon, that did the same as his Python/Elementary example, but was a fraction of the number of lines, easier to read and understand, and compiles to a tiny and fast 46KB standalone binary executable.

I posted my BaCon program as a comment to his blog
and a link to my example GTK app:

I just posted the code and link, no provocative comments, but it was obviously too confronting for Mr Hoogland.


Not Provocative?
Username: ICPUG
The blog is clearly about Elementary and Python and you post something about Bacon! That's a bit like someone coming along to the Puppy Forum and posting something that says here's how to do it with Tiny Core Linux (or whatever). Maybe your post was deleted due to irrelevance.

Chicagoland Linux
Username: Ted Dog
"Jeff Hooligan's bio-- I grew up in the [b]Chicago[/b]land area and I am a [i]certified[/i] BK, the rumors of Chicago is true, been there and was threaten with arrest for just waving howdy (Like we do in Texas) to someone who waved at me first. Just be glad all he did was just delete your post(s). :worried: They have great Pizzas there and the elevated trains are fun to ride.

cross pollination
Username: technosaurus
"The draw of puppy is the we _do_ want and even encourage people to post better,cleaner code from any source or any community. The forum has several threads about tiny core, slitaz, and several others including a general "other distros" thread. Humble pie tastes great if you ask me. What is the saying about immitation and flattery? enlightenment's "not-invented-here" attitude is part of what took so long for e17 and it will continue to be marginalized unless they adapt to reduce the entry barrier ... they currently have no decent rapid application development programs like glade, qtbuilder or fluid, so as much as I like it in concept, I have been avoiding it to keep more in the mainstream.

Re review
Username: BarryK
"Oh wow, that's a savage review.

Re size of package
Username: BarryK
"linuxcbon, No, only the installed (expanded) size. Only the installed size is in the pkg db entries. However, if someone clicks on the "More info" button, it usually leads to pkg size info.

perms on /tmp
Username: 01micko
"There is a syslinux error if perms on /tmp are 777, they need to be 1777 (yeah i know it happens somewhere in system init but needs to be in the main sfs) ref: I have seen this bug before. @line 2152 in 3builddistro

Re perms on /tmp
Username: BarryK
"OK, fixed in 3builddistro.

latest chromebook
Username: don570
" article on intel based chromebook... Earlier today Google unveiled its latest Chromebook, the HP Pavilion 14), available today for $329.99 in the U.S. via Featuring a 14-inch screen with 1,366-by-768 display, the Pavilion 14 runs a dual-core Intel Celeron processor and includes 4.25 hours of battery life, as well as built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Ethernet, plus Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility.

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