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Glipper internationalized

February 12, 2013 — BarryK
Vicmz posted internationalization changes for the 'glipper_shell' script in the 'glipper' PET.

I applied those changes, plus some more of my own:

#Barry Kauler 2007
#130212 vicmz: internationalized.
#130212 BK: link in /root/Startup. removed code from /root/.xinitrc.

export TEXTDOMAIN=glipper_shell

Xdialog --center --title "$(gettext 'Glipper clipboard manager')" --ok-label "$(gettext 'Enable Glipper')" --cancel-label "$(gettext 'Disable Glipper')" --yesno "$(gettext 'Glipper is a great little taskbar applet for managing the clipboard.')

$(gettext "If you click the 'Enable Glipper' button, then Glipper will appear in
the takbar, and will also start automatically in the future.")
$(gettext "If you click the 'Disable Glipper' button, then if Glipper is runnng
it will be terminated now and will not be started in the future.")" 0 0


if [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ];then
#touch /root/.glipper_on
ln -snf ../../usr/local/bin/glipper /root/Startup/glipper_tray
[ "`echo "$PSRUN" | grep -v 'glipper_shell' | grep 'glipper'`" = "" ] && /root/Startup/glipper_tray &

if [ $RETVAL -eq 1 ];then
#rm -f /root/.glipper_on
rm -f /root/Startup/glipper_tray
killall glipper
killall glipper_tray

Note to vicmz and L18L, single and double quotes can be nested, as per my code above.

PETs for x86 and ARM (15K, 14K):


re glipper
Username: L 18 L
takbar should be ta[b]s[/b]kbar runnng should be runn[b]i[/b]ng

Re glipper
Username: BarryK
"And I'm blind! Fixed it, also changed "taskbar" to "tray". PETs re-uploaded.

Glipper ELF i18n
Username: L 18 L
"After glipper_shell now glipper I have compiled glipper-0.95.1 (from your sources, latest versions are python scripts) [code]LIBS="-lXext -lX11" ./configure --disable-gnome --x-libraries=/usr/lib xgettext --keyword=_ -f po/ -o glipper.pot [/code] + internationalization works (de,fr and ru) - 155 kB size Hope you can (and will, please) produce a smaller binary. [img][/img] Forum:

Username: L 18 L
"There are recent discussions and [b]solutions[/b] in forum:

Username: vicmz
"Not-so-off-topic, there is a new version of the Spanish langpack available:

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