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Gtkdialog, BaCon

February 03, 2013 — BarryK
I have compiled these in Wary.

Gtkdialog 0.8.3
PETs (91K, 136K):

...compiled without VTE support.

BaCon 1.0.29
The latest and greatest, see changelog:
PETs (70K, 840K, 136K):


bacon and other stuff
Username: 01micko
I am running 1 download now and bacon only got the 1.0.28 version. In 0setup, I chose to append the extras found, including bacon-1.0.29. Maybe a sort routine is needed to get rid of the older package entry? Yeah, I guess when you upload woof it gets fixed. Also, you can add [b]||Packages-puppy-*-official[/b] to the PET_REPOS variable in DISTRO_PET_REPOS as we are a bit short on alternatives now! It rsynced in the past 24hrs so is up to date, you may want to consider adding [b]||Packages-puppy-*-official[/b] but it doesn't exist for quirky. Thanks

Username: 01micko
"It's broken!!! Needs to be recompiled then it works, must be the new bacon version. Here's the error: [i]# welcome1stboot Symbol not found in library /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: ENTRY[/i] That's with bacon-1.0.28 and 1.0.29. Works fine when recompiled, but IDK if it's backward compatible, shouldn't matter anyways. sync
Username: mavrothal
"In puppy/quirky is mirrored from iBiblio at 10:15AM local time every day (localtime=UTC+2 or UTC+3). So anything uploaded after 2PM Perth time (which is very usual) will not show up till the next day.

Username: BarryK
"After discussion with Peter and others here: I recompiled the x86 BaCon PETs and reuploaded them. So, if you have already downloaded the PETs, please do so again. Also, after some difficulties, I have compiled for armv7 (81K, 871K, 129K):

Re PET mirrors
Username: BarryK
"01micko, Thanks, I have added those.
Username: BarryK
"Hmmm, yes. I need to rethink this, maybe freeze BaCon version for sometime, when it reaches a certain point of maturity -- but, Peter keeps on adding irresistible new goodies. As a workaround for now, have compiled them with hug.back statically. Not a good solution, as bumps size up by about 100K -- for example, the armv7 build of welcome1stboot jumps from 58KB to 150KB. Woof commit:

Problems with expected changes
Username: GCMartin
"@BarryK, before you freeze, consider what the chaps over at the Carolina distro have shared about GlibC and other items which are currently impeding progress. What they share seems currently universal. Might this be a good time, as you rethink, to address these. It seemingly, "may", be related and resolution might propel PUPPY growth future. Here to help

gtkdialog4 -0.8.3 in /usr/bin
Username: pemasu
"Changed location. Now there will be choices, lol gtkdialog4-0.8.3-i486/usr/bin/gtkdialog4 and also those in /usr/sbin. Just happened to notice this when woofing.

Bacon Pets?
Username: scsijon
"Quote: I recompiled the x86 BaCon PETs and reuploaded them. So, if you have already downloaded the PETs, please do so again. And the list of pets can be found / are? thanks

Wary 5.3 boots to desktop
Username: jrb
"Hi Barry, I just posted in the Projects section about modifying Wary 5.3 to boot directly to desktop. Thought you might be interested for the next Wary. Cheers, J

Re BaCon PETs
Username: BarryK
"...first post of this thread.

gtkdialog re-uploaded
Username: BarryK
"I have moved the gtkdialog4 (and gtkdialog) binary from /usr/bin to /usr/sbin, and have re-uploaded the PET. So, if you have already downloaded that PET, please do so again. I have also uploaded the armv7 gtkdialog 0.8.3 PETs.

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