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guess_fstype detects f2fs

February 15, 2013 — BarryK
The 'guess_fstype' utility is used in Puppy, in the main f.s. and the initrd, to detect the type of filesystem in a partition.

I have enhanced the source to detect 'f2fs'.

Updated source, 'guess_fs-20130215.tar.gz' in my sources repo:

New PET (7K):

Unfortunately, 'guess_fstype' doesn't work at all in an ARM system. Don't know why, yet.


Re: arm guess_fstype
Username: technosaurus
guess_fstype uses some macros to "correct" endianness using bit-shifting like: [code]~ ... << ... |... >> ... & 0x00ff000 ^ etc...[/code] to get character values from integers and vice versa most of these macros will have names with be or le and may need to be #ifdef'd according to platform I suspect that has something to do with it, arm can use the somewhat slower blkid in busybox (if configured) to get the same info (btw, I think busybox-master has f2fs)

guess_fstype now works ARM
Username: BarryK
"I booted up my Mele A1000 ARM board this morning, and now 'guess_fstype' works. I think the problem is the Ubuntu 10.04 installation is not completely compatible with the hardware. Something is odd with the USB interface. So, I have put the static 'guess_fstype' into the ARM initrd in Woof, also created an armv6 PET. technosaurus, I will have to upgrade to latest busybox from git -- f2fs support for 'blkid' was added recently. Hopefully for 'mount' also.

GParted f2fs patches
Username: 01micko
"I have found some patches for f2fs/gparted, work too! I have released a PHATSlacko (see derivatives section on forum) , with k3.8.2 f2fs enabled, all support pets added and just compiled GParted 14.1 with patches added. I made a usb stick with a boot partition holding all the read only files and the other partition is f2fs for the save file, works well, using grub4dos as the bootloader.

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