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Linux 3.8.0 kernel sources

February 20, 2013 — BarryK
My sources repo has all the sources and build scripts for the 3.8.0 Linux kernel.

I configured it without PAE support, i586 CPU, and f2fs (Flash Friendly File System) support (driver builtin). The PET will be uploaded to soon.

The sources, patches, scripts are here:
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kernel 3.8.0 features
Username: don570
This website explains the new features of 3.8.0 for the technically challenged...

Kernel 3.8.0 features
Username: don570
" Another website on 3.8.0

386 procesor not supported
Username: don570
"from Yet another change for the upcoming Linux 3.8 kernel is the removal of support for the old Intel i386 processors. Ingo Molnar submitted the "Nuke 386-DX/SX support" pull request for Linux 3.8, which Linus has already pulled into the mainline tree. Dropping the old Intel "80386" code is being done to reduce some complexity within the Linux kernel to allow for future improvements without having to worry about maintaining the support for this ancient PC hardware.

Username: Sage
"Comments on other blog feedback refer to this one, which is fully functional but slow. For 5.4.92, no sound, not even after ticking unticked retrovol boxes.

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