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More updates for f2fs

February 16, 2013 — BarryK
I got 'util-linux' from git, with 'blkid' and 'mount' supporting f2fs. I have only compiled for x86 for now (compiled in Wary).

PETs, in 'common' repo (450K, 835K):

I have also updated various scripts in Woof, to support f2fs. Look at the Woof commits for 2013-02-16 and 2013-02-15:

I need to recompile the 3.8 kernel, with f2fs enabled. There was also a post in the Forum, about CONFIG_BCMA (wireless driver) needing to be enabled -- I think that this is an alternative to the proprietary 'wl' driver.

So, it looks like building Precise with a 3.8 kernel is going to be more than a "plaything". I see a bright future for f2fs, given the proliferation of NAND flash storage media, and I want to get in early.
The main Precise 5.5 release will still have the 3.2.29 kernel, but I think an alternative build with 3.8 kernel is a good move, possibly instead of the "retro" Precise -- as it (3.8 kernel) is configured without PAE, and feedback has been very positive so far on oldish hardware.

F2fs will also mean that we will have to do a rethink on how we install to Flash media.


Busybox f2fs
Username: BarryK
Note, there is a patch submitted for f2fs support in Busybox, but for some reason it has not been accepted. I'll on that again soon. Need f2fs support in Busybox for Puppy, especially in the initrd.

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