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PETs updated

February 28, 2013 — BarryK
Thanks guys, I have updated your PETs:

langpack_fr 20130225
pmusic 3.2.2
sfs_load 1.9.6-2
vlc-gtk 2.6.6

Note that sfs_load was created and maintained by shinobar, but he hasn't been around for awhile. 01micko has a fixed a crash on 3.8 kernels, hence the "-2".


sfs_load 1.9.6-2
Username: don570
sfs_load 1.9.6-2 worked on Precise when I tried it

And again
Username: BarryK
"PETs updated: [i]pmusic 3.2.3 vlc-gtk 2.6.8 peasyscan 2.4-1[/i] Thanks for that guys. I am getting ready to build Racy 5.5RC2, and those updates to pmusic and peasyscan look good. Regarding peasyscan, this is created by rcrsn51. It has a binary executable, and version 2.4 has basic gettext'ed translation. Rcrsn51 supplied a .pot file separately, however I put that into the PET. I also tweaked pet.specs and the .desktop file. Hence the "-1" appended to the version. Regarding .pot files for binary executables, I do have some in Woof, but generally, I recommend putting them in the PET. If a PET is builtin to a pup, that is, included in the package-list when a pup is built by Woof, all found .pot files get moved to the 'devx' sfs -- so, they don't take up space in the pup build. MoManager requires the 'devx' to be loaded, as it has various utilities not in the main pup sfs.

And again
Username: BarryK
" vlc-gtk 2.7 Note, pet.specs: [i]vlc-gtk-2.7-noarch|vlc-gtk|2.7-noarch||Multimedia|212K|||+gtkdialog,+rtmpdump,+vlc_nogui,+xdotools|VLC-gtk - simple VLC frontend||||[/i] hardinfo 0.5.2pre With latest patch, 23 Feb, 2013, from rodin.s.

hardinfo and frisbee
Username: 01micko
"I made a dumb patch for hardinfo so it shows the file when you click "yes", won't work if you save it above /root. Also, rerwin has updated frisbee, see page 11 of the frisbee thread.

comment anchors in pplog
Username: sc0ttman
"i added [b]comment anchors[/b] to pplog:, if ur interested.. Thanks.

Latest frisbee
Username: BarryK
"01micko, I got the latest '28' frisbee, but frisbee is not in Wary/Racy. It is in the 'noarch' pet repo so can be installed. Also, it will be builtin to Precise Puppy.

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