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Quirky Puppy 5.4.91

February 27, 2013 — BarryK
It has been a very long time since the last official release of Quirky Puppy! Yes, despite the rather odd version number, this is a new public official release of Quirky.

See the announcement and release notes here:

...please do read that page, as this pup is different!

Download (125.5MB):

Hmmm, I wondered if Quirky is still listed at Distrowatch, given that the last release was November 2010 -- yes, it is still there. Ladislav, please announce this new release!


BK on steroids

q5491 ordinary grub boot code
Username: aarf
"[img][/img] ordinary grub (wait for the blinking cursor to disappear) title quirky 5491 on sda5 root (hd1,4) kernel /quirky5.4.91/kernel.qky psubdir=quirky5.4.91 pfix=fsck naming/numbering of kernel.qk needs to be thought about. wifi, portable opera, geany, screenshot, savefile, all ok

Quirk 5.4.91 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
"I have started a thread in the Forum, for feedback on the special features of Quirky:

Sfs_load fix K3.8
Username: Terryphi
"01micko has produced a fix for sfs_load which causes a crash when used with Kernel 3.8 (Quirky and Racy.) I have tested it and it works but requires reboot before testing. See bottom of page in this Forum thread:

boot from single file.
Username: aarf
"so why is this different, needed, or better than "boot from iso" which has been mastered long ago by other distros eg. knoppix

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