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Remaster script overhauled

February 23, 2013 — BarryK
It started with linuxcbon reporting that the "virtual CD" feature of the Puppy remaster script does not work.

So, I looked at the script, /usr/sbin/remasterpup2, and discovered that it still has the "technosaurus method" of translation. We are standardising on the gettext method, for compatibility with MoManager. I didn't know that there were any of those left, any, I converted it to the gettext method -- which took awhile, it is a big script.

I fixed the bug that linuxcbon reported, and also found a bug in /usr/sbin/filemnt. Then I kept on finding more things, especially things that weren't bugs as such but needed to be improved.

Ended up with a lot of changes, hope that I haven't introduced a new bug! A couple of very solid days work, but now committing it...

Woof commit:


remasterpup2 escaped $
Username: BarryK
A note to the translators, you will notice that most of my strings to not escape the '$' operators. For example: [i]echo "$(eval_gettext 'The value is ${VAR1} volts')"[/i] But, if I use double-quotes, which I would do if single-quotes are in the string: [i]echo "$(eval_gettext "The 'value' is \${VAR1} volts")"[/i] ...then I escape the $ (with a backslash char). This minimalist usage of backslashes seems to work, but do let me know if I have somehow misunderstood something. I'm not sure, but I think for the above to always work, always use the { } characters around the variable. Anyway, this will be in the next release of Precise, coming very soon, so you guys are welcome to try it, and add it to the langpacks. Note, this new 'remasterpup2' also requires the fixed 'filemnt'.

re remasterpup2
Username: L 18 L
"[i]This minimalist usage of backslashes seems to work[/i] just 1 example for now: [code]#: #, sh-format msgid "Here are the available partitions. You must choose one that has at least ${SIZENEEDEDM}M free space on it." msgstr "Hier sind die verfügbaren Partitionen. Es muß eine gewählt werden, die mindestens ${SIZENEEDEDM}M freien Speicherplatz hat." [/code] Confirm, it works :happy:

Still no luck with ibiblio
Username: BarryK
"01micko reported today being able to upload files to, but I still can't, not for a few days. Just tried again, cannot connect.

ibiblio trouble
Username: BarryK
"When I use gftp: [i]ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known[/i]

re: ibiblio
Username: 01micko
"Who is you carrier? Vodafone? Maybe go down to the local coffee shop and see if you can login there. Worked for me yesterday.. just did a test right now (10:19 AEST) and gftp login is fine. I know they were having troubles last week re the emails from Alex Dodson (AARNet admin) that I posted here. He is now rsyncing our repos from Nluug.

ibiblio success
Username: BarryK
"I am now uploading to ibiblio. I remembered something that happened once before. has changed it's SSL certificate. This means that ssh or anything secure socket layer, won't work if your system has stored the old certificate. I don't know how to delete the old certificate, so I just booted a new pup without a save-file, and hey, ibiblio secure-ftp works! This will affect the mirrors too, I think, as they probably use ssl rsync.

remasterpup2 translating troubles
Username: L 18 L
"Sorry, these do not translate. I have been trying to fix this issue but no success. [code] #: msgid "Filesystem" msgstr "Dateisystem" #: msgid "Size" msgstr "Größe" #: msgid "Free" msgstr "Frei" [/code]

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