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Support Frisbee, dhcpcd dropwait

February 08, 2013 — BarryK
Rerwin posted a PET 'woof_updates_precise-20130117' with fixes to support inclusion of Jemimah's Frisbee, and the dropwait feature of dhcpcd, see Forum post:

I have put these updated files into Woof:
/usr/local/simple_network_setup/, sns
/usr/sbin/connectwizard, connectwizard_2nd

And added a new script:

Woof commit:


Username: Sage
Needs to come with an health warning. Although some folks like it, I rarely had any joy with it and it's certainly counter-intuitive in a way likely to scare off incomers. Supposed to aid connection with wifi kit. Easier to change the wifi key! Best as an adjunct rather than a default.

Username: mavrothal
"The output if some ifconfig/iwgetid/iwlist versions contains redirect symbols (<, >) that mess up gtkdialog formatting in ipinfo. The patch [url=]here[/url] remedies the problem (Only indirectly related to the post but close enough I hope.)

ipinfo fixed
Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, Thanks, I fixed it.

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