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Trash applet fixed

February 15, 2013 — BarryK
The Trash icon on the desktop goes back a long way. It was originally written by Dan Van Wormer in 2005, I did something in 2007, then Forum member disciple did some fixes in 2008, and HairyWill in 2009. Of those guys, we still have me and disciple active on the Forum!

Forum member zephyr2 identified some problems, and with input from L18L, amigo, disciple and npierce, they fixed it, and internationalized the scripts. Forum thread:

I have worked on the /usr/local/apps/Trash/AppRun and /usr/local/apps/Trash/template/temp-AppRun scripts a little bit more, and updated Woof. I also added /usr/share/audio/puppy-trash.wav -- an omission all these years.

Trash is not a PET package, it is built-in to Woof.

Woof commit:

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