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util-linux with f2fs support

February 18, 2013 — BarryK
I got 'util-linux' out of git, which has support for 'f2fs' -- Flash Friendly File System. Compiled for both i486 and armv7. This package has libuuid and libblkid, that other applications use.

Note, the PETs do not have all of the utilities, as Puppy only uses a subset. Other utilities are provided by Busybox.

For i486 (compiled in Wary) (450K, 835K):

For armv7 (compiled on my Mele A1000, Ubuntu 10.04) (474K, 894K, 1.5M):

For ARM, if anyone needs to use any other utility not in the cutdown PET, I also made a "full" PET. However, do not install this, as it will probably break Puppy -- the description field in pet.specs contains this warning. (989K):

Tags: puppy