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Woof 20130211

February 12, 2013 — BarryK
This is the latest Woof, used to build the "plaything" Precise 5.4.91 with 3.8-rc7 kernel.

This latest commit has the fix for ntfs (ROX reporting copy/move failure) and the package-list has rerwin's network_tray.

Woof commit:

I have been thinking of a couple of things to do next...

1. Convert xz to gzip
Both Precise 5.4.90 and 5.4.91 use 'xz' compression for the main .sfs file, but this does cause noticeable slowness compared with gzip.
So why not, have a tool that exands the .sfs then gzips it? -- this would be for Puppy installations, but it could also do it on a live-CD .iso file.
The Universal Installer could even offer to do it.

Or, it could be offered at first shutdown. For live-CD, there is an offer to copy .sfs file to hard drive (where the save-file is) -- this could also offer to convert it to gzip.

2. WiFi connection
Every since I bought my Vodafone Pocket WiFi, sometimes at bootup SNS doesn't connect, and I have to do it again (by clicking on the 'connect' icon). Need to chase down the cause of this.


wifi reconnect

Username: mavrothal
"As long as the gzipped SFS remains under 230MB and can be loaded in the RAM of a 512MB system is OK I guess. Though for older systems the I/O speed should also be considered. Any chance for a new T2 compile for wary/racy, or maybe a call for it? ;)

Re T2 build
Username: BarryK
"I did do a T2 compile recently, and built a pup. But it never got announced. It worked OK, but I went on to other things. The situation as always, there is just one of me.

Re T2 again
Username: BarryK
"I should also add, I decided to move away from T2, as compiling in a native ARM system is very broken. In theory, T2 is supposed to handle that, but there are so few T2 developers. No one is compiling under ARM. There is too much wrong for me to tackle it, it would be a long-term commitment from someone to maintain T2 to work in a native-ARM environment. Cross-compiling, that is, compiling on x86 for an ARM target, is better supported, but is still very broken.

Re next Wary
Username: BarryK
"I did do a beta of the next Wary, but then got distracted onto other things. Will have to get back to it.

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