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Arch: utilities moving to /usr

March 14, 2013 — BarryK
There is a link that I posted to this blog recently, that lists Arch's decision to move everything from /bin, /sbin and /lib into /usr, and describing it as controversial.

For me, it is annoying. I earlier reported that they had done this with 'glibc', which I fixed by moving everything back into the "proper" place.
Now, I have discovered 'coreutils' has gone the same way, with symlinks from /bin and /sbin into /usr.

The problem with 'coreutils' is that Woof has a package template that expects a normal layout.

I have inserted code in '2createpackages' that provides a generic fix for situations such as 'coreutils'.

Woof commit:


arch coreutils
Username: BarryK
Note, a consequence for coreutils is that, prior to the above fix, the live-CD was being built with some coreutils utilities missing, in which case Woof reverted to the busybox equivalent, if it exists. An example is the 'ls' utility. Unfortunately, the busybox 'ls' lacks options needed by some scripts, hence Puppy will not work properly.

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