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Last-minute Woof fixes

March 09, 2013 — BarryK
I am now building Precise Puppy 5.5-final, after some testing, will probably upload it late tonight or early in the morning (Perth, Australia).

I have managed to put in a couple of fixes.

Fixes for 'remasterpup2' by npierce:

Also, I think that I have fixed 'grubconfig', by using '--stdout' option for Xdialog to separate stderr messages.


red card

trash noise!
Username: 01micko
"For some reason putting stuff into the trash or emptying the trash makes a belching noise! Just make sure that is not the case. Apologies if you already dealt with this

such never learned in school
Username: K Godt
"Needed to google "belching" :cool: Perhaps someone could give a codeline to record "Hmmm...Yummi!" :happy:

Noise still there in Precise 5.5
Username: james c
"Just installed Precise 5.5.... belching noise [u]is [/u]there when putting something in trash or emptying trash. Otherwise, looks good so far. More in the forum.

micko's fix
Username: james c
"Micko's fix for Slacko also works for Precise.Reverts back to "woof-woof".

Re belch
Username: BarryK
"Ha ha, a bit uncouth! There was someone, can't recall the name right now, who who fixed the Trash. It had a few things wrong with it. I am not sure if that burping sound file was there before or got introduced. It may have been there before, but not used. Anyway, I have already uploaded Precise 5.5.

Re belch
Username: BarryK
"I probably should ask for a vote on this, to get the majority of opinion. Is it too unbecoming of Puppy to have that burp/belch sound? I will be creating a service pack for Wary/Racy 5.5 very soon, so can change the file then.

re noise
Username: 01micko
"As James said, my fix should work across the board. It's a dummy pet that has a the deletes the "belch" then links back to 2barks.wav Some may find it amusing, others offensive, so revert it please.

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