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Mir display server

March 05, 2013 — BarryK
I have been following the Ubuntu Mobile OS project with interest, reading bits of technical information as it is revealed.

A key component is the display server, and there was speculation on what Ubuntu are planning. A few days ago I learned that they are using SurfaceFlinger, which is the same as used by Android. But, it seems that is only temporary.

It has now been revealed that Ubuntu are developing their own display server, named Mir. Furthermore, it is not vaporware, it runs, though there is still some way to go.

Anyway, here is Ubuntu's own introduction to Mir:

There is a timeline, and I was wondering if that is overly optimistic. We shall see.


Just be thankful

report-video strange behaviour
Username: don570
"Off -topic.... Argolance has asked me to report that 'report-video' command results in non utf-8 characters generated in his report. He has an nvidia card. You can see the output here...

Re report-video
Username: BarryK
"No, that is not my 'report-video' script. There are two other report-video PETs, sys-info by TaZoc and another by sc0ttman. My Wary/Racy 5.5, and I think the latest Precise, only have my report-video, which is commandline only, does not use pango/gtk. The Forum thread does not identify which "report-video" is causing the problem. By the way, I asked the authors to change the name of their programs so as not to be the same as my 'report-video'.

Mir status looking dismay
Username: BarryK
"This report is not very positive:

In the future will Ubuntu <> Linux?
Username: darkcity
"@bark_bark_bark What do you dislike about Wayland? --- Canonical mislead people about Wayland's capabilities on their wiki (now removed). In my opinion they wanted an replacement to be developed quicker than the Wayland team is doing. Also that they want tighter control of the code. Fair enough, but why mislead people about another project.

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