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PETs moved to 'common' repo

March 27, 2013 — BarryK
I would like to deprecate building pup in Woof from the puppy-4 PET repository. There are a few PETs from puppy-4 still being used in the latest builds, such as 'picpuz', 'rubix' and 'xsoldier'.

That's fine, as long as they still work, however, I have moved the ones that we still seem to be needing, over to the 'common' repo. These are the new additions in 'common' (from puppy-4):


An existing package in 'common' has been renamed from 'bash' to 'bash3' (as I am following 01micko's advice to move up to bash 4.x):


Other new additions in 'common':


...the latter is preferred over 'udev_167p' as it has libgudev needed by some apps.

Woof commit:


Username: scsijon
I have noticed that the xfdiff-cut 4.5.0 is having some problems lately when compairing large sized 'pairs' of straight text files. In some cases it's splitting single lines into two or not displaying them at all and leaving a black hole, just to confuse. I wonder if there is an update around?

Username: BarryK
"Yes, xfdiff-cut has a serious bug, it cannot handle long lines. This bug has always been there. I seem to recall, ages ago, I informed the author, but it is a dead project. Also, the reason it is "cut" and not the full xfdiff, is because I had to disable part of it. I think it was the part that creates a patch file -- once again, I think that I reported this to the author. Anyway, it would be great if someone could take this onboard, at least fix the line-length problem. There is probably some simple buffer-size setting somewhere that needs to be increased. My source is here: Probably, bits that I have hacked, will have my "BK" initials. The original source:

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