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Pmusic 3.2.3 bug

March 01, 2013 — BarryK
I have just built Racy 5.5RC2, and uploading it now. Giving it a bit of a sanity test, everything looking good, however I encountered a bug in Pmusic.

This is actually an old bug. I encountered it some months ago, but forgot to report it.

If I click on an audio file, which is in a mounted partition, it plays, but if I click the "stop" button, then exit from Pmusic in the correct way via the menu, there are running processes left behind -- executing "ps" in a terminal shows them.

The problem then is that I can't unmount the partition. I have to explicitly kill those processes first.

When Pmusic quits, it should clean-up before exiting, kill all running processes. Those who have been around for a long time will get a deja-vu feeling from this post

Anyway, I'll post this report to the Pmusic Forum thread.


Pmusic bug reported
Username: BarryK
I reported it: Note, after Racy 5.4.93 (5.5RC2) is uploaded, I will of course announce it. Would you guys who develop/test Pmusic, after fixing that bug, test it in Racy 5.5RC2 to confirm that the fix works. Because, I want to go straight to the 5.5-final after that.

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