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Puppy Podcast Grabber fixed

March 10, 2013 — BarryK
Puppy Podcast Grabber is in the Internet menu. It was created sometime ago by Brad Coulthard (I can't recall his Forum name) and has worked reliably. Until now.

The problem is with Xdialog. It is working, but apparently outputting complaints on stderr. The default is for Xdialog to output menu-elections on stderr also, hence chaos. Xdialog should always be used with the "--stdout" option, which is what I have now put into the script in Puppy Podcast Grabber (and removed all of the "2>&1").

Note, I am testing in Precise Puppy 5.5, and Xdialog does not output any complaints on stderr, so I am going by what has been reported in the Forum.

I have bumped the PET from version 1.1 to 1.2 (19K):

The fix will also be in upcoming Service Packs. The Service Pack for Wary/Racy 5.5 is coming very soon.

You guys who have this problem with Puppy Podcast Grabber, would you mind giving this PET a spin? Let me know if it does indeed fix the problem.

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