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Raring Puppy debut

March 24, 2013 — BarryK
I have built Raring Puppy, from Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (beta) DEBs, in Woof. Note, Ubuntu Raring Ringtail is due to be released late April.

This is preliminary support, it boots to the desktop but there are some bugs.

This build has gtk+3, as many DEBs require it. For now, only abiword DEB in the build requires gtk+3.

I built with my 3.8.0 kernel, but there seems to be a problem with kernel uevents. The pup_event_backend daemon is reporting problems (see /tmp/bootsysinit.log).

My Optus wifi broadband usb stick doesn't work, it is probably something to do with the above.

I wonder if pemasu is experiencing these problems with the 3.8.x kernel in Upup Precise?

Fontconfig is reporting a problem with the font rules.

Abiword won't start, reports a missing library.

I will investigate these problems soon.

Woof commits:


3.8.3 kernel and bootsysinit.log
Username: pemasu
I havent noticed much problems with my latest 3.8.3 non-PAE kernel. I am not sure what information you might need, so I booted Upup Precise with pfix=ram and then created tar ball of /tmp contents. I also created pdiag tar ball. If there is something you would like to check, here they are:

Ringtail Puppy report
Username: pemasu
"I woofed Ringtail Puppy. And noticed your problems. I did compile udev-175 full using original source, from here: I used your compile recipe for full udev: I unsquashed and copied over the full udev-175 and did add that symlink. Yeah...I noticed it was needed. I did add libgmp and libatspi and then abiword and gnumeric started. was also missing. Needed for unsquashfs. My touchpad was not detected before I restarted X, but my udev replacement was not pure one either. Sound, network modules work oob. /tmp/bootsysinit.log still reports same > cat: /tmp/pup_event_backend/pup_event_module_devpath_log*: No such file or directory

Raring and Fontconfig
Username: pemasu
"The error message seems to be new feature of the new fontconfig version. I installed from fontconfig-config deb only the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file and the error messages from xerrs.log vanished and geany starts in console without errors. I suppose that the error messages might pop-up with some apps still. What I read the error message is just message. it wont affect anything. With new pfix=ram booting my touchpad worked oob.

Raring initrd
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, When you boot you Raring pup build, do you get a big delay while probing usb: [i]Waiting for modules to complete loading... usb 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10[/i] That's what I'm getting.

f2fs installer script
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry, yeah a bit OT for this thread but will be relevant to raring if you use an f2fs kernel! I have made a fairly neat script to boot f2fs, actually it can multiboot if you use a later syslinux with vesamenu. Also depends on the patched GParted for f2fs. Anyway, it works fine with stock puppy syslinux. See: GParted pets for slacko and precise are 2 or 3 posts up from the linked post.

Re: Raring initrd
Username: pemasu
"Yeah, same for me, also with udev-75 full. I have kernel 3.8.3

Yay, Raring fixed
Username: BarryK
"Found the cause of the problems! Raring pup is built with 'module-init-tools' DEB, however that is now an empty package, just a frontend with kmod deps. Consequently, 3builddistro fell back to using 'modprobe' and 'modinfo' from busybox. Unfortunately, those busybox applets are seriously feature-lacking, well, modprobe is. Busybox 'modinfo', I have just discovered, works differently from the normal modinfo. Script rc.sysinit has this line: [i]modinfo ehci_hcd 2>/dev/null[/i] ...which only gives output on stderr, as ehci_hcd is builtin to the kernel, not a module. That's for the normal modinfo. However, the busybox modinfo gives a message on stdout, not stderr, which really upsets the script rc.sysinit. The last time that I looked at busybox 'modprobe', it was seriously deficient. It's main problem was that it could not properly load modules when supplied with a MODALIAS parameter on the commandline, which the normal modprobe can do, and is essential for /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe to work. Anyway, the solution is to use the 'module-init-tools' from wary5. In the package-list: [i]yes|module-init-tools||exe,dev,doc,nls|pet:wary5[/i]

Raring fixed
Username: Sage
"So, may the great unwashed share the outcome of your success yet? If, as you've done previously, title it RaringPup-testing-only.iso, or w.h.y., not only will its purpose be obvious, but you can marvel at complaints from those with comprehension difficulties as well as gaining more general observations, discussion and suggestions from wider exposure amongst the cognoscenti and not-so-cogno! Nothing lost except your time and upload allocation...

Username: BarryK
"Just a note, while I think of it. The 3.8 kernel no longer supports /proc/bus/usb. We have enabled this in earlier kernels, though it was deprecated. I kept it enabled, as Hardinfo and Pupscan need it. At least, Hardinfo used to, I don't know about more recent versions. I will need to fix /usr/sbin/pupscan.

Re Raring upload
Username: BarryK
"Sage, Patience, patience :happy: Pemasu and I will get rid of the serious bugs, so that it is working reasonably well, then one of us, or someone else, might do a build and upload it. I am focused on Woof development, so want to get Raring pup working from that perspective. As far as a build for users, that is a different story. Pemasu seems to be keen on Rary, so might "take the baton" and continue on with something for the "great unwashed masses" ...who was it who coined that phrase originally? Fascinating, this explains the origin: ...Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton was also the originator of that classic opening line "It was a dark and stormy night." (remember Snoopy the dog, he used to type that while on top of his kennel).

Patience? Who? Me?
Username: Sage
"Never had it, never will. More seriously, my time is divided amongst many more distros including RPi, 'broken' PCs with rubbish OSes owned by neighbours, coaching same to use real OSes, recycling old kit, testing ditto, as well fixing folks' plumbing, electrics, etc. previously '[i]repaired[/i]' by local cowboys. Oh, and cooking a [b]rarin'[/b] good curry... [i]C'est la vie.[/i]

Woof: raring
Username: BarryK
"Latest fixes to build Raring pup:

Cups problem in Upup Raring
Username: pemasu
"I got this cups gtk2 - gtk3 printing problem in Upup Raring using your latest Cups compile: Did you get this kind problem with your Raring Puppy...and am I in the right tracks that Raring libgtk2 and libgtk3 have popped up new problem with cups.

Re cups problem in Raring
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, OK, it looks like we might have to go for the official Raring cups, maybe also the official ghostscript, instead of my PET from Wary. I'll do a test build tonight, see if I can fix it. I think with later versions of cups, there is a permissions problem. 01micko has a fix for that in his Slacko 5.5 build, a replacement 'cups.conf'.

Re support too short
Username: BarryK
"My interest is to see what Ubuntu Touch support will be available in Raring. I still haven't made up my mind whether to get into Qt QML development, in support of Ubuntu Touch. Then there's Mir. Raring might have some tools to play with, but it is just a stepping stone, and yes, we shouldn't think about releasing another official Upup until the next LTS, probably. Note, Qt QML is based on Qt5, and theming for Qt5 I know nothing about (ditto gtk3).

Raring: printing works
Username: BarryK
"OK, I have got printing working, using the official DEB cups and ghostscript. I build with official cups, but got a ghostscript error, so used the ppm to install official ghostscript, then it worked. So, I'll do another Woof build to confirm it works, then upload latest Woof. I'm running Raring pup right now, my Optus wireless broadband usb stick works.

Hungarian testing
Username: S-kami
"Raring 3841 hungarian testing in progress: :-D

Abiword crashes
Username: BarryK
"In Raring pup, choose the Preferences in Abiword, it crashes.

abiword misses ui folder content
Username: pemasu
" This package creates /usr/share/abiword/ui/* files and other files also. I did install only that ui folder with content. The preferences error messages and crash with strace abiword vanished. abiword template in woof might need some tuning. And have great Holiday. Relax, take it easy, enjoy and read these posts when you are back.

Gnumeric fix in Raring
Username: pemasu
"Read this post later.... Woof template tuning need again.....

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